Maximising Space in Your New Residence

Maximising Space in Your New Residence

A few small changes can make your new home feel a lot larger. Non-permanent storage solutions like see-through bookshelves, room dividers, or even a simple mirror can make a big difference.

Maximize space in your living rooms and bedrooms by investing in multifunctional furniture pieces such as ottomans that store video game accessories or coffee tables with built-in shelving. Decluttering is also key for a spacious feeling.


The kitchen is one of the most used areas in any home, so it’s essential to keep it as uncluttered as possible. This means putting away any cooking gear, gadgets or utensils that aren’t currently in use. It also helps to have ample storage for everything that is, including using stacked bins or baskets to hold things like tupperware, canned foods and other pantry items. You can also hang floating shelves all the way to the ceiling, so that everything you need is always within reach without taking up floor space.

If your new custom home doesn’t have a separate office, you can still create a workspace with some creative furniture options. For example, if you have a radiator near a window, you can place a pretty radiator cover on it and add a bench with comfy cushions for reading and relaxing. Similarly, you can turn the top of an old bookcase into a desk with built-in shelves to house books and other supplies.

When a room feels cramped, it’s important to declutter and make sure all surfaces are clear. This will help the space feel much bigger, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by stuff, it’s a good idea to start going through your belongings and making decisions about what you really need in your new home. If you can’t add any permanent solutions, look for non-permanent storage options that can be moved when you move to your next house or apartment, such as the services of Calgary movers ABPRO. These could include a rolling island cart in the kitchen, a bookcase with shelves, or even faux built-in storage for an entryway. These hacks are easy to implement and can make your new home feel much more spacious.

Living Room

Even if you have a spacious new apartment, you may struggle with finding the right way to arrange your living room. After all, these rooms get the most traffic with kids running in and out, friends crashing for games of Cards Against Humanity, or family members sprawling out on the sofa to watch TV.

To keep your space looking neat and tidy, you should first consider removing any clutter that may be in the room. This will help the room look larger and more usable. It’s also a good idea to invest in some non-permanent storage solutions for the room, such as a rolling island cart in the kitchen or a coffee table with drawers and open shelving below for books and video game accessories.

The next step is to find a few oversized furnishings that will add to the room’s sense of scale without overtaking it. These pieces will draw the eye upward, which is a good thing for a small space since it opens up the room. A sectional that’s topped with a chaise longue, for example, is a great choice as it makes the room feel bigger and provides ample seating.

You can also use mirrors to create a sense of expansion in a room. A framed mirror hanging above the mantel or one that sits on the floor can reflect light and make the space feel bigger.

Another simple trick is to run low bookcases across a wall or along the back of a sofa, says interior designer Catharina Bjorkman. This will blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, making them feel more expansive.

If you have a large window, you can blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces by connecting them with sliding doors. This allows natural light to stream through the entire space, which makes it feel more generous.

When working with a tight budget, you can maximize the space in your apartment living room by using multifunctional furniture. Instead of a coffee table that takes up a lot of floor space, for instance, choose a piece that has hidden storage underneath and a desk with a shelf for books. These types of furniture pieces will save you money and give the room a custom look that is sure to impress your guests.


Keeping your bedroom organised can help you wind down for the night and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Instead of bulky nightstands, install a shelving unit or a floating shelf that can hold books and other items. You can also add wall sconces instead of traditional lamps to light the room without taking up floor or nightstand space.

Maximize your closet space by storing out-of-season clothing in underbed storage containers and using closet organizers to separate types of clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items. Purchasing multifunctional furniture pieces is another way to maximize your new home’s bedroom space. For example, a daybed with a trundle can serve as a seating or sleeping zone for guests. Or, a coffee table that opens and comes with shelves can store toys, games, books, or blankets.


The entryway of your new residence is the first space guests and family members see. It is important to maximize space here so that guests can enter and exit without feeling crowded or blocked. You can do this by removing clutter and using furniture pieces that have dual purposes. For example, you could use a bench with storage so that guests can sit down and wait while their shoes are being put on or you could choose to hang a mirror in your entryway so that it can reflect light and open up the space.

Maximizing space in your new home is a great way to make it feel larger and more functional. Just remember to always be sure that the space is safe for you and your family before adding any extra furniture or putting up any walls. If you want to avoid permanent changes, consider non-permanent storage options like rolling island carts for kitchens or faux built-ins for living rooms.